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Marketing Method: Follow Up

Online Marketing

Most unsuccessful marketers lack one thing, and it’s the one thing that 99% of the successful marketers have in common. Can you guess what it is? Come on, I gave you a hint (in the title). Thanks right. Follow up. And you can’t follow up if you don’t capture their name and email address. That […]

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Google Is Lying To You

Niche Research , Online Marketing

If you are using Google’s keyword suggestion tool, or any tool that relies on Google’s research, then you aren’t getting the truth, and I can prove it. I know they are strong words, but hear me out. In fact, listen quick, and listen close because you can only do something about this from June 21st […]

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Overview Of the Google Analytics Platform

Online Marketing

I typically watch the Google Webmaster channel on YouTube for breaking news from Google. It’s tough to keep up with all the changes and new features without it. During my surfing, I came across a great video that explains the Google Analytics *engine* and reports. Some of this was over my head, but a good […]

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Bing To Pay News Sites To De-Index From Google

Internet Marketing , Other Authors

The fierce battle between Microsoft’s Bing & Google is getting fiercer. Ever since the launch of Bing in June 2009, Microsoft has been trying to capture the online search engine market share. Though Bing has come out as the fastest growing search engine in recent months, it still falls way behind Google. From online advertisements to cash back rewards campaigns, Microsoft has spent millions already to attract online surfers to use Bing. But now they have come up with a new strategy to garner more search volume.

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Entrepreneurship Workshop – Direct Access To Success

Online Marketing

Want to change the way you do business online?

Then you need to think outside the box, talk with folks who are doing it successfully and model yourself on those successful tactics.

But getting direct access to successful entrepreneurs is sometimes a bit of a challenge. Afterall, they are busy doing what they do best. You could pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars for coaching by one or two before your budget runs out…

Or, you can take advantage of something that my friend Paul Cooley has spent the last few weeks putting together just for you. It’s an all star lineup of the brightest up and coming entrepreneurs that are rocking the Internet Marketing world. Folks like

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Affiliate Theme In Review

Affiliate Marketing , Featured , Product Review

Converting An Existing Blog To Affiliate Theme

There are a lot of Wordpress Themes out there, but none that could make affiliate marketing easy. Until now.

I recently purchased Affiliate Theme by Unique BlogDesigns to give it a whirl. Before getting the Affiliate Theme, I had to find a Wordpress theme that somewhat matched my *market*, and then make extensive edits and upgrades to make it work. Getting the Affiliate Theme was like getting an *Easy Button* for affiliate marketing.

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Twitter Do’s And Don’ts

Twitter Marketing

With the recent publicity Twitter has been getting on national television, there has been a huge rush to *Get On Twitter*. And while I agree you should be on Twitter if you are branding yourself, there are some Do’s and Don’ts you should know about.

Trust me on this one. You don’t want to find out 500 followers into building your *brand* you were doing it wrong!

First, the Don’t Do It Under Any Circumstances warning

Don’t be the TMI guy or gal. Most of your followers don’t want to know…

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Free Traffic + Free Leads = Profit

Network Marketing

It is possible to use this tip for any business type, but it lends itself especially well to Network Marketing. It’s a report I wrote to help out a downline member who was struggling to pay for his product requirements when he was first starting out. I would say his case is somewhat typical, sadly.

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