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WordPress Plugins: Fever In The Bunk House Now

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Choosing the right WordPress plugins to help manage a marketing platform is like rolling dice – you have to roll the dice to see what happens. Adding plugins is an easy enough task, but it’s always encouraging to find a resource that gives a full review and even video demonstrations of what to expect from the performance of every helpful little add-on to your WordPress platform.

You’re visiting one of those sites.

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Bing To Pay News Sites To De-Index From Google

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The fierce battle between Microsoft’s Bing & Google is getting fiercer. Ever since the launch of Bing in June 2009, Microsoft has been trying to capture the online search engine market share. Though Bing has come out as the fastest growing search engine in recent months, it still falls way behind Google. From online advertisements to cash back rewards campaigns, Microsoft has spent millions already to attract online surfers to use Bing. But now they have come up with a new strategy to garner more search volume.

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Win Free Software – Best Comment Wins

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I recently completed a new piece of software for a really great client that I am pretty proud of. In the short time it’s been out, it has achieved a great reputation within it’s market and has been voted the #1 software of it’s kind for 2009.

To celebrate, and to make things interesting, the client has given me 5 copies to *give away* to whomever I want.

My faithful followers and Tweeter friends, you just stumbled into a great opportunity.

I have decided to hold a contest and award 5 lucky readers…

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Developing Business Relationships

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By Michael Walsh Don’t Spill Your Candy in the Hallway! Have you ever been in a gymnasium full of young kids who are waiting on the appearance of Santa Claus? It’s quite an experience! The energy in the room is just electric. You can just feel the anticipation. Then, someone hears some bells from outside […]

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Mindset of a Successful Marketer

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I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the readers of this blog arrived because they were searching for a revealing review of the latest money-making software or book. That’s why we’re marketers, right? Wrong! We’re marketers because we’ve taken action. We’ve gone out and set up a website, started an email list, promoted some valuable […]

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