Stop Fighting WordPress Updates Before You Break Something


You’ve heard me rant and rave about WordPress and WordPress updates on many of the articles published here. This post won’t be much different in fact. I still love WordPress like no other self-publishing content management system out there. The world wide web agrees with me with statistics about the popularity of the WordPress platform.

WordPress is what I teach my 1 on 1 coaching students who want to learn blogging, online branding and building traffic to their small business websites.

But I’m getting a lot of complaints from them about how “hard it is” to do WordPress updates, and keep the plugins and themes current. And it doesn’t matter if it’s easy to me, my clients don’t feel the same way. So I decided to do something about that.

Outsource Your WordPress Worries

I created a new “service plan” that allows my clients to “outsource” the part of managing their blog that they didn’t like. To me. I call it My Personal WP Geek.

This new service allows you to select the things you don’t want to do, and outsource them to me on a weekly or monthly basis. Include as many or as few of these services as you want and let me keep the plugins playing nice so they don’t break something. How many times have you updated a plugin and had it break something else? Or have the plugin you just updated, stop working altogether?

Well, no more.

WordPress Expert Access

There’s nothing quite like haveing a WordPress expert to reach out to when you do have a problem (just include the geek hour option on the plan).

Backup and Restore

And if you select the backup option, you can have me restore from backup in the event your site was wiped out by a hardware faliure or an online hack. I will make any restore requests a priority as well, since I know having your site up and working for you is your top priority.

Site and Security Review

As a part of initializing our service agreement, I will perform a security audit and make suggestions (as well as implement) updates to harden your site using WordPress and site best practices.

Uptime Monitoring

Uptime monitory the part of the plan that monitors your site (every 5 minutes) to make sure it’s still online and working correctly. If I get a report that it’s down, you’ll get an email or SMS notificaiton so that you are then able to take steps to get your site back online. Need help with that? Just include the Geek Hour option on your plan and immediately after the notification, I will get started doing what it takes to get it back online.

Just click the My Personal WP Geek link and let me get started backing up, updating, monitoring and managing the updates you need to stay secure, safe and unbroken.


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Cenay is a self-proclaimed geek with mad technical skills she loves sharing with Videos, Coaching and Articles. Need help? Click the Book 30 Minutes to find out if this is a good fit.

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