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With the recent publicity Twitter has been getting on national television, there has been a huge rush to *Get On Twitter*. And while I agree you should be on Twitter if you are branding yourself, there are some Do’s and Don’ts you should know about. Keep reading to learn some of the Twitter Etiquette that is expected of you.

Trust me on this one. You don’t want to find out 500 followers into building your *brand* you were doing it wrong!

First, the Don’t Do It Under Any Circumstances warning

Don’t be the TMI guy or gal. Most of your followers don’t want to know what you had for breakfast or when your last bowel movement was. It’s an instant turn off to see 19 posts detailing your minute by minute dismal morning. The only one’s that will follow and enjoy this style of Tweet’ing will be sad people with no lives who want to live vicariously through you. Trust me. This is not a good idea.

Don’t be the super spammer. These are the folks that I immediately Unfollow and I think I am not alone on this one. If all you have to say to your following is how they need to run out and buy the next super-duper juice you are promoting that will regrow hair, reverse aging and make their breath smell better, then you probably won’t last on Twitter.

Don’t speak just to yourself. This is a social site and you should be creating (or joining) conversations. If all your Tweet’s are just you speaking to your following at large, and not any specific person, you won’t grow your followers, you will turn off those that are following and the men in white coats might just show up at your door for talking to yourself.

While I am not a Twitter expert (obviously), I have been following what several people that are experts are doing. I also know what turns me off immediately. If you don’t mind that I (and people like me) won’t follow you, then by all means, feel free to walk to the beat of your own drum.

Now, for the Do’s On Twitter Marketing

For this, I am going to let a woman who has successfully built a following of more than 11,000 people explain the 7 Simple Rules To Success On Twitter. I have posted a link to her wonderful article below, but here’s a little taste to convince you she knows what she is talking about, and you should stop reading this, and go now and read the entire article. Go ahead, I’ll be here when you get done.

1) The Rule of Visibility on Twitter.

You absolutely MUST be visible on Twitter if you are going to get your message out to the masses. You must spend time on Twitter and get to know people. You must put yourself together a “Twitter Blueprint” and then work that blueprint every day. How many hours a day are you going to be seen on Twitter ? How many people are you going to follow this week? How many times are you going to Tweet this week? How many direct replies will you make? All of these things make you “visible” on Twitter . Be seen and be heard. Be there on a daily basis.

2) The Rule of a Powerful Twitter Profile.

Why would people want to get to know you on Twitter?

Click here to read 7 Simple Rules To Success On Twitter by Carol Hansen of fame.

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