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Upgrade From To Self Hosted

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Many first time bloggers start out on, only to discover they are limited in options, plugins, advertising and flexibility. When that happens, it’s time to step up your game and go with a mature blogging platform. I highly recommend – the self-hosted option of the popular blogging software.

With the self hosted option, you no longer have anyone telling you what you can and can’t include for advertising, plugins, or content. Need a customized change? You can.

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[Video] Unzip Files On Vista

Video Released

I know, you used to know how to unzip files, right?
Then along comes Vista and everything changes. Your drag and drop no longer works. Right click and extract and Vista complains about duplicate files. It’s crazy.

A friend recently ran into this problem trying to unzip a template file I sent him.

After several frustrating minutes we figured out how to do it so Vista doesn’t complain and we got what we wanted. This video shows the end result. The right way to unzip files on Vista.

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Using Custom Image For PayPal Button

Video Released

My regular readers know I also create “How To” videos, but for those of you newly come to, here’s an announcement just for you.

I received a request recently from a reader who wanted to know how to use his own image for a PayPal “Buy Now” button and wasn’t sure where to start. (Thanks Rick for that request).

I created a new video showing him step-by-step exactly how to create and use the PayPal button with a custom image. You can see the new video at Use Custom Image At Paypal (Video) — while you are there, sign up to get updates whenever I post a new video.

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