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Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing : Working Together

Write Eye Catching Headlines In 32.4 Seconds

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As you navigate the world of Internet Marketing, one thing should be becoming very clear to you. In fact, if this one single fact isn’t in stark relief in your mind, you might be in the wrong business.

Copywriting Is The Million Dollar Skill

Seriously. You need to convey/convince/entice your readers/buyers/customers to take an action. Read an article, buy a product, download a book….whatever.

But before you can even start on that message, you have to convince them to read your content.  And we all know that starts with a headline.

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Clickbank Hop Ad Builder

Web Service

If you are doing any type of affiliate marketing, you might want to take a closer look at the Clickbank Hop Ad Builder.

This sweet little tool from Clickbank allows you to create tabbed boxes stuffed full of products that might be related to your readers interested. It can be targeted on an “ad by ad” basis. You can include one link, or 10. Multiple tabs or a single box.

The look and feel is also controlled by you.

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