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Make Google Your Bit*h – errr – Personal Assistant

Niche Research

Google, an absolute mega-giant on the Internet is in business and making a boat load of money, by doing one thing, really really well. That one thing is matching a visitors search results to the content they are most likely searching for.

Let me break that down for you with an example. You visit and type in *quilting tips* and hit enter.

Now, what is it you are are looking for? Are you looking for how to grow mint in your backyard garden? No. Are you looking for how to make money on the Internet? No.

You are looking for tips from…

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Google Is Lying To You

Niche Research , Online Marketing

If you are using Google’s keyword suggestion tool, or any tool that relies on Google’s research, then you aren’t getting the truth, and I can prove it. I know they are strong words, but hear me out. In fact, listen quick, and listen close because you can only do something about this from June 21st […]

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