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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Theme in Review

Converting An Existing Blog To Affiliate Theme

There are a lot of WordPress Themes out there, but none that could make affiliate marketing easy. Until now.

I recently purchased Affiliate Theme by Unique BlogDesigns to give it a whirl. Before getting the Affiliate Theme, I had to find a WordPress theme that somewhat matched my *market*, and then make extensive edits and upgrades to make it work. Getting the Affiliate Theme was like getting an *Easy Button* for affiliate marketing.

The real test came when it was time to convert an existing site over the Affiliate Theme. This video shows you exactly what I did and how I did it. It wasn’t painless (because the blog already had a numbers of *posts* or products I was reviewing), but it was easy. Let me show you how.

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To see their video on features and what is offered, click the Learn More About Affiliate Theme link here.

Oh, and tell them Cenay sent you. They already know my name, I spent some time in the support forums helping folks out that were asking questions about how to set it up.


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