Google Is Lying To You

Niche Research

If you are using Google’s keyword suggestion tool, or any tool that relies on Google’s research, then you aren’t getting the truth, and I can prove it.

I know they are strong words, but hear me out. In fact, listen quick, and listen close because you can only do something about this from June 21st through June 25th. Trust me, this is a real time sensitive matter.

(For those of you who know me, you know I am not an aggressive affiliate marketer. Oh sure, I have a few products listed on my site, but they are tools I use and highly recommended if you want to succeed online. However, I don’t send out email blasts about them. Hold on your to britches, I am breaking one of my rules today. Yep, it’s that important.)

Jon Ledger just came out with a new tool called Keyword Snatcher that really blew me away. He made it available to a limited number of his affiliates a day early, and let me tell you… after you watch the video about what it can do, you are gonna grab your wallet so fast it will make your wife’s (or husband’s) head spin. I didn’t even finish watching the whole video myself, before I whipped mine out.

It’s About The Right Tool For The Job

To friends and family, this statement won’t come as a surprise since its sorta my mantra. As a former trim carpenter (in my younger/slimmer days), I learned the value of having exactly the right tool for certain jobs. For example, if you want the trim to look like it grew around the room, you needed a power miter saw (for the 45 cuts) and a coping saw to cut out the pattern.

You could use a different tool, but it would take more time, and not look as good. And for coping, nothing else would work. Period. Well, okay… you could whittle it with a knife I suppose. But think how that would look — and talk about not being time efficient!

Different Tools, Different Jobs

There are keyword research tools out there, many of which are pretty good. And for those client on a serious budget, I often start them out on the Google Suggestion Tool and work them up to my favorite overall niche tool..Market Samurai. Not today. And not for the next 5 days.

Keyword Snatcher is a must have tool for any affiliate or niche marketer, blogger, article writer or online maven. It will drill into the long tail keywords that will get you found by your target market. Period.

So, stop reading and go watch this video. If you are anything like me, you will be whipping out your wallet in short order. Hurry – Jonathon has promised it will only be available from June 21st through June 25th. Go watch the Keyword Snatcher Video now.

Update: 6.28.2010
I warned you this was a time sensitive offer. They have already pulled the tool from the market to keep the number of people who can produce this many long tail keywords to a minimum. However, like any great product early to market, there is another that just came out that can do the same thing. Keyword Magnet is even priced a couple bucks less. Want to find the words that Google is hiding from you but missed the chance with Keyword Snatcher? You still have an option with Keyword Magnet, but I would hurry, just in case.


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