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iFrameGen PHP Redirect Software

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Want A More Professional Approach to Affiliate Marketing?

Stop using those clunky/ugly/obvious affiliate links when promoting someone Else’s product. Have you ever seen a link that a full-time Affiliate Marketer uses? Ever wonder how they masked or cloaked those links?

Well, it’s not rocket science, but it does require a little knowledge of HTML or PHP.

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Headspace2 Tutorial: Exploring SEO Through Plugins

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A recent coaching session covered the SEO benefits of installing and using Headspace2 to increase your Online Marketing and Personal Branding. As members of that call will recognize, about 45 minutes was cut from this video. All the wasted time on technical difficulties is gone. Areas where the information was repeated (as in answering questions or covering the same concept on a different part of the call) were removed or spliced together to provide a single explanation.


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