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10 Authentic Ways Of Getting More Traffic

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I was recently doing some research on additional ways to get traffic to a website landing page for an upcoming project. I feel like I stepped off into the rabbit hole. Yeah, there’s a LOT of information on the web about getting and driving traffic.

So, to help me see the process and organize my thinking, I created a MindMap as I came across information. It wound up being broken into 10 different ways of pulling in traffic. And while a couple of them aren’t directly about driving traffic (like testing and tracking), without these steps, you’re spitting into the wind.

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Guest Posting Builds Your Blog’s Traffic

Traffic Techniques

If you hang around this blog at all, you know I preach quite a bit about link building, blog commenting and other sufficiently geeky subjects all related to getting your content found.

Today, I want to introduce you to yet another link building strategy with multiple benefits, this one for both of us.

Guest Posts Build Your Readership

Despite what you might think, even a moderately successful guest post can build a steady stream of traffic to your blog. Even with just the one or two links included in the author bio area. Controversial? Funny? Asshole?

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Giant List Of Ping Servers ~ Fast Track Your Google Notifications

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If ping servers are a foreign concept to you, you probably won’t appreciate this list of ping servers. And since I value *appreciation*, let me explain exactly why you should care about ping services — first.

And no geeky-technical-only-your-IT-manager-will-understand-it jargon.

The term *ping* dates all the way back to the early days of computer networks – which pre-dates the Internet. It was a service on the computer that would allow network administrators to check to see if a connection was present.

Sort of like a bat sending out sonic sound waves, a computer would *ping* another, and record

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Traffic Formula Interactive Webinar

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One of my mentors who is one of the Internet’s leading success stories (Mike Dillard) is hosting an Interactive Webinar Series much like the one he did three years ago. That one was called M.L.M Traffic Formula and went on to become the de facto standard in how to generate leads and cash for your business. Any business.

Well, three years has past and though the techniques are still working, technology changes and the newer social environment has prompted a lot of questions. He is breaking his silence this month.

I am offering you a chance to be a part of history in the making, learn the exact techniques that have created more M.L.M successes than any other method, and

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Using Signature Lines To Prospect

Traffic Techniques

Signature lines are a great way to prospect and make the most of a medium you are already using. You already send e-mail’s to friends, family, and business colleges but perhaps you don’t want to present your opportunity outright to them. Let’s face it, most of us have been in more than one network marketing […]

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Driving Traffic To Your Business Opportunity

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I guess you would have to have been living under a rock (or just not surfing the Internet) for the past two years to NOT know about Google’s Adwords feature, but I thought I would spend a few minutes explaining how to drive traffic to your business opportunity page.

While there are a few methods (we will cover them all in later posts) to do this, none is as quick or effective as using one of the largest *in-place* methods available, Google Adwords.

Here’s how it works… you research what keywords you want to advertise for (keywords are what the people searching Google use to get results), build an ad, bid on the keywords and then turn on the tap. Instant traffic flows to your web site.

Sounds easy doesn’t it?

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