As a successful Internet, Affiliate and Network Marketer, I frequently need web tools. As I find them, I will post them here so check back often. Some of these are free, some are small fees, and some are simply Must Haves . Some I am an affiliate for so my recommendation might not seem like it counts for much, but frankly, I wouldn’t use or recommend the tool if I didn’t think it was a must have. Just wanted you to know…

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YouTUBE Video Popper

(coming Soon)
YouTUBE Popper - By Cenay Nailor

Goal: Popup a small window with embedded video from website, PDF or Twitter. This little script will allow you to embed a link anywhere that will popup an embedded video from YouTube. You select the video to play. You can even jump from a link in a PDF file or shortened URL in Twitter to a small video viewer window.

You can embed adsense into it, or use the default YouTube site (to increase your views on a video). You can also pass in keywords and the Google Adsense ad’s will respond accordingly.

If you found this page on the web (rather than a Twitter link), you can test it here:

Ultimate Guide to WordPress Plugins

Ultimate Guide to WordPress Plugins - By Cenay Nailor

What can I say?

If you are blogging and wanting to get it right, then you really need to check out my book. 68 pages of blogging and plugin advice and step by step instructions on how to bring in the new traffic, and keep the one’s you have, coming back for more.

Blogging? It’s a must have.

Click the link to see Ultimate Guide To WordPress Plugins by none other than moi.

Adwords Made Easy

Adwords Made Easy - by Brad Callen

Google Adwords is an amazing tool to drive traffic to your website once you have it written (yes, I know it’s an ongoing process, never done) and ready to present to the public.

However, there are pitfalls and traps that can suck your money up faster than you can say "I made a mistake". But with this tool, you can avoid those dangers and create successful Ad Campaigns like a pro.

Click the link to see the Free PDF file Adwords Made Easy in your web browser

SEO Elite

SEO Elite by Brad Callen

This software is a must have if you are the webmaster of a site and attempting to drive quality targeted traffic to your page. This software will help with all the nitty-gritty SEO tactics and optimization and even allow you to compare your page to another to see how you stack up. If you are a webmaster, this is a must have, don’t pass go, don’t collect $200, stop what you are doing and get this!

Click the link to read more about Brad Callen’s SEO Elite right now

Keyword Elite

Keyword Elite - by Brad Callen

Companion Tool for SEO Elite and/or Adwords ad campaigns (but not a requirement), this tool will take a lot of the work and *guess-work* out of knowing what keywords you should be targeting for your *business/product/service* promotions. I personally use this tool every single day. The link shown above also contains video’s to allow you to see the product in action.

Another must have!

Click the link to read more about Brad Callen’s Keyword Elite right now

Affiliate Elite

Affiliate Elite - by Brad Callen

Brand new affiliate marketing software allows you to work smarter, NOT harder and easily increase the sales that your business generates, or your money back! It’s my cash generating secret weapon. With Affiliate Elite anybody has the potential to increase the sales they make on the internet without doing any extra work… and technically, you’ll probably be doing even LESS work than you currently are.

Affiliate Elite isn’t just some piece of software that spits out data that takes a rocket scientist to understand. I created this program so that anybody can start building their business immediately. Not tomorrow, not a week from now… but immediately!

Another must have!

Click the link to read more about Brad Callen’s Affiliate Elite right now

Article Submitter

Article Submitter by Brad Callen

When you are attempting to drive traffic to your web page, there is nothing better than *free* traffic.

Adwords will help you get started, but unless you really know what you are doing, can get quite expensive in a hurry.

But when you are creating content for your website, consider publishing an Article and submitting it to 663 article directories available on the web. These can be used to drive traffic to your website because each article (and each reprint of your article) can contain a link back to you. These inbound links all help your Google page ranking, send people directly to your site, and increase your *authority* on the web.

Another must have in my book.

Click the link to read more about Brad Callen’s Article Submitter right now

Instant Article Wizard

Article Wizard

If you are having trouble writing your own articles, then download this (fee based) tool.

For only $67 you get software that will allow you to create articles on any subject in just a few minutes. So, you can write your own, pay someone at or anywhere from $10 to $50 per article, or you can use this software and instantly get *Expert* status articles for a one time fee. I would qualify this one as a must have for any web-master looking to put original content on their site.

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Instant PopOVER

Unblockable Instant Popover Generator

You only have a few seconds to capture the mind of your prospect.

People are impatient and want to be "wowwed" right away. They’re forced to make quick evaluations. And if they don’t like what they see initially, they’re going to get bored and leave.

So the burning question is "How can YOU steal your visitors’ attention long enough for them to see your offer?" I’ve got just the answer. It’s called Instant PopOVER and it makes eye-opening sticky notes and unblockable pop ups that your visitors will eat up like candy! In the few seconds that you’re visitor is present, opt-ins can be gained, sales can be made, and deals can be closed.

Another must have for your web-tool arsenal

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Magnetic Sponsoring

Magnetic Sponsoring

One thing that Magnetic Sponsoring really delivers on is teaching you how you can literally attract an edless stream of prospects to you, credit card in hand, ready to join your business…automatically.

If you would like to attract an endless flow of free leads who are so qualified… and so eager to get started… they actually pay you to show them the plan…then you really need to check out Magnetic Sponsoring. Grab this today and let Mike help you generate instant, hands-free cash-flow with his turn-key system that will help you monetize your leads and provide you with the capital you need to scale-up your business building efforts and achieve the level success you want and deserve.

Click the link to read more about Magnetic Sponsoring right now

MLM Traffic Formula 2.0

MLM Traffic Formula

One of the single best investments I made into my Network Marketing business, this course taught me exactly what I needed to know to become trusted on the Internet, prospect without picking up the phone, and find and train business partners automatically.

BTW, what is taught in this course is ALSO what I used to build my Internet Marketing business!

When you are ready to succeed in your online marketing, buy this course. MLM Traffic Formula

Black Belt Recruiting

Black Belt Recruiting

Free 60 minute training video reveals how to sponsor 20 new reps a month into any company…guaranteed.

Go watch this video right now to learn how to literally turn your network marketing business around if you have been struggling, or build it faster than you ever thought possible if you are new to any multilevel marketing company.

Click the link to watch your free Black Belt Recruiting video right now

Copywriters Guild

Copywriters Guild

Copywriting is the undisputed million dollar skill for anyone marketing anything on the web. Especially for network marketers! Look, the average networker can do 10-20 presentations a day for their business if they are really humping it. With copywriting skills and a little corner of the web carved out for yourself, you can give 1,000 – 5,000 – 10,000 presentations or more per day, while working less. You can give The Perfect “Sales Pitch”, every single time.

Learn more about the Copywriters Guild here.

PPC Domination

PPC Domination

Sit back and watch two “old school” networkers who’ve never touched Google, generate 2,400+ leads per month for FREE using my simple method…

Two video training videos will show you exactly how to generate instant leads using the quickest and more effective tool on the Internet.

Go grab the two free videos and learn more about PPC Domination here.

The 7 Great Lies In Network Marketing

The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing

If you are interested in or already in business as a network marketer, then you have been lied to.

It probably wasn’t deceitful (I hope), but the lies in network marketing abound.

Click on the link shown to be taken to a download page to get your free copy of this controversial eBook written by Ann Sieg. Make sure you get the whole truth before you sign up for any business opportunity.

Click here to read more about The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing right now

The Renegade Network Marketer

The Renegade Network Marketer

When you have examined the 7 Great Lies in MLM, you will see there is a better way than traditional "hotel meetings" and presenting your opportunity to everything with a pulse within 3 foot of where you are standing at any given moment in time.

There is a proven lead generation, prospect monetizing, online method to building your business.

When you are ready to try something else, something proven to work, try this. Renegade Network Marketing



Now You Can Easily Create Highly Profitable Professional Looking PDF Ebooks Without Paying Hundreds Of Dollars For Complicated Software And Without Fiddling Around With Clunky Word Processors!

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