Content Clarity Checklist

If you intend to have articles written, be sure to give this (and the next) checklist to your [Zerys] authors.
Check for explanations/sources for your statements.
Check for superfluous details ( search for “and” )
Check for “and”,”so” or “that” at the beginning of a phrases
Check for consistency in terms you’re using
Check for vague pronoun references (search for they, it, who, that)
Check that your examples are specific
Search for “so” and tidy up the phrase if used to explain something in a long phrase.
Check for switching viewpoints (your vs. our, reader vs. website owner)
Search for “(” and see if what’s in parentheses needs to be a separate idea/paragraph
Check for mind leaps
Write in a natural, conversational tone that can be easily understood by a fifth grader.
Ensure your article content does justice to its title.
Create an FAQ page and answer every question for your niche/products/services. May also get website into the Google Answer box.

Blog Editing Checklist

Provide this list to the people or person actually inserting the blog content.
Search and check these words for correct use:
it's vs. its
your vs. you're
they're vs. their vs. there
here vs. hear
than vs. then
to vs. too vs. two
off vs. of
Click on every link to check it works and goes to the right place
Run your article through the Hemingway App to check and improve the readability
Get a friend or co-worker to peer review your article

Basic SEO Checklist

This should be done as a matter of course, and on every site associated with contractor
Install Google Analytics
Add Website to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools
Check site page speed at Google PageSpeed Insights
Ensure CMS (WordPress, etc) is equipped with SEO plugin (Yoast, Greg's High Performance)
Make the site responsive to all mobile devices
Check broken links
Validate your HTML and CSS
Create and Upload a Sitemap.xml
Create and Upload a Robots.txt file
Run an SEO Check after submitting to Google Search Console
Structured Data for identifying errors in your rich snippets (I’ve discussed rich snippets in the Content Optimization section)
HTML Improvements for figuring out where your coding and on-page SEO has gone wrong
Mobile Usability for pointing out errors in your responsive coding
Manual Actions for figuring out if Google has penalized your site
Blocked Resources for seeing which URLs you have blocked from search engines
Crawl Errors for discovering the errors (including 404 Page Not Found) Google encountered while crawling your site
Robots.txt Tester for viewing any errors in your Robots.txt file
Find 301 and 302 Redirects
Check the server (no spam server list on this site)
Test your website load. (You can test up to 50 virtual users here)
Install an SSL certificate (it encrypts buyers inputs, gets https, builds trust with SE and viewers for a small price
Claim the business on all social networks and directories (G+, Facebook, Twitter) and Google local

Blog Publishing Checklist

If you intend to have articles written, be sure to give this (and the next) checklist to your Zerys authors.
Add "read more" tag after the intro
Check for appropriate opt-in offers and internal linking options
Choose 1 category and add all relevant tags
Write SEO title + description
Write social media title + description
Create a feature image that fits the dimensions of your theme specifications
Resize images for social media
Reduce image with if you're not using a Thrive Themes theme with automatic image reduction
Add featured image
Prepare social media messages announcing new post
Write headline variations in Headline Optimizer

On Page SEO 

Every single page published should go through this list.
Browser and Page Title (limit to 65 characters, keywords up front)
Post URL (or page slug) should include primary keyword.
Meta Description (limit to about 155 character. If serving local, include phone: "Call 999-999-9999 for a special offer")
Keyword Meta Tag with primary and LSI keywords for content
Write appropriate alt tags for all images
Name all images with appropriate, dash separated words that mirror the primary keyword
Add an image title attribute (A good title is one that uses your keywords again, but also somewhat describes the image)
Image captions (use the image title here as well)
Headers tags (use H1 - h3 for sections, and subsections)
Internal Links (Build internal links with strategic anchor text)

Video Blog Publishing Checklist

Your video producer should adhere to this checklist before adding videos to live channels.
On YouTube:
Add Thumbnail to YouTube video
Write description on YouTube video
Choose YouTube SEO video title (use phrases someone would type in during a search eg. ‘How to…’)
Add video to correct Playlist (if applicable)
Add YouTube card or annotation if relevant, linking to a product, page or post (adds link juice)
In Post Editor:
Chose video as post format
Paste YouTube link
Hide video title
Hide related videos