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Introducing A New Service : My Personal WP Geek

By the definition above, it's pretty clear I'm a geek. Or maybe a nerd. Could be both. That's good news for you. That's good new for your WordPress blog.

Complimentary Services

These are perks you get once you build a custom maintenance plan to suit all your needs.

Expert WordPress Experience

There's nothing quite like having a WordPress expert onhand to answer questions, discuss how to organize your content, or help you find a plugin that meets your specific needs. My 10 years experience with WordPress is available to you via email or Skype.

Restore From Backup

Whether you overwrote a post, lost a page, had hardware failure at the hosting level or got hacked, there's no need to fear. With a "backup" option in your maintenace plan, you can request a specific backup and get your site restored PDQ (that's pretty damn quick for those of you not from Texas). Naturally, all restore requests are given the highest possible priority to ensure you are back up and running fast.

Security Audit

One of the things I highly recommend as a first step with new clients is to request a security audit. This means me going through your site, looking for common problems, hardening your installation of WordPress and suggesting areas of security improvement. This is all done free of charge with each maintenance plan.

Optional Services

Backup Options

The most popular of the maintenance plan options, this includes backing up both your files (such as themes, plugins, images and assets) and your database (where the WordPress "content" lives). The schedule and importance on each is defined by you. Don't change your content a lot? Select weekly. Post three times a day, every day? Then the daily option is a better fit.

Your backups are first made locally to your server, and then sent off-site to a secure S3 bucket. Once the file(s) are successfully copied to the S3 bucket, your local backup is then deleted to stop your server from getting overloaded with backup files. Access to your S3 bucket can be provided.

And if you ever need to restore from a backup, that's included in every plan, free of charge.

WordPress Updates

Updates are the key to keeping your site secure. Updates close loopholes and security flaws that have been uncovered, so making sure that they get installed regularly is critical to making sure that you aren't leaving vulnerabilities available to be exploited. You also get the bonus of cool new features as they are released. And trust me, WordPress releases a lot of new features! 

I recommend updates at least once a week. More often if your site is generating revenue.

Uptime Monitoring

Uptime monitoring means that I'm checking your site regulary (as often as every 5 minutes) to make sure that it's still online and functioning. If I get a report that it goes down, you'll get an email or SMS notification right away. This will allow you to take corrective action (frequently this is domain expiration, payment issues or similar) and get your site back online as quickly as possible.

If the problem is outside your wheel house, and you've selected the Geeky Hour option, I can get your site back online. Quickly.

Malware Scans

Having your site infected with malware is one of the moments we all fear. Or at least we should. I didn't and got hit, hard. Over 107 site infected in a single month. I've learned my lesson. Painfully.

So, in addition to proactive measures like securiing your site (every client goes though a free security review), malware scanning helps to find troublesome code on your site. Select this option to have me scan regularly for malware, and once we identify it, we can discuss the best way to get that code cleaned up.

SEO Optimize Existing Content

If your blog has been online a while, you might have content you created that hasn't been SEO optimized (Search Engine Optimized). This could be hurting your chances of getting found on Google. Select this option to have me review pages and posts and update them for the proper keyword optimization.

Site Review

Get your site professionally reviewing by a WordPress expert with an eye towards ease of maintenance and best practices. This includes validation of the theme, plugins, optimization of the site for speed and SEO compliance.

Geeky Hour

Finally, select this option to get one full hour a month of a "Geek's" time for small changes, fixes, additions or when the updates break your site.

Get Started

I've developed a tried and true method of creating and maintaining sites built on the amazing self-hosted WordPress platform. So, stop Fighting WordPress Updates, hackers and hardware failures to keep your site up and safe, outsource it to me.

​You can use the form below to build a custom maintenance plan to suit your needs. Add as few or as many options as you like. You can even upgrade or downgrade later. You can cancel at any time. Still not sure what options to get? I've setup the three most common packages here.

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