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Want to change the way you do business online?

Then you need to think outside the box, talk with folks who are doing it successfully and model yourself on those successful tactics.

But getting direct access to successful entrepreneurs is sometimes a bit of a challenge. Afterall, they are busy doing what they do best. You could pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars for coaching by one or two before your budget runs out…

Or, you can take advantage of something that my friend Paul Cooley has spent the last few weeks putting together just for you. It’s an all star lineup of the brightest up and coming entrepreneurs that are rocking the Internet Marketing world. Folks like Paul Counts, Coach Deb, Nicole Dean, Ben Settle, Alejandro Reyes, and Eric Farewell.

Paul is putting on a virtual workshop with these great online guru’s, where he will grill them, question them and ask them to explain exactly how to duplicate what they are doing right, how to avoid what they did wrong and what their plans are for the future.

Paul has made this amazing seminar affordable for everyone (who can’t afford a measly $27?) and will be recording the entire thing and giving you the recordings to watch again and again (no extra charge).

What could this be worth to your business success?

So, if you need to know more about:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Niche Marketing
  • SEO and Traffic Generation
  • Copywriting
  • The Secrets of Outsourcing,
  • Blogging Strategies
  • Building a Tribe of Loyal Followers

then check out the Entrepreneurial Workshop.

I’ll be there and I am looking forward to hearing your questions about Blogging Strategies That Succeed.

PS: Remember, even if you can’t attend, grab this now and get access to the video recordings of all these successful entrepreneurs sharing candid strategies about succeeding online!


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