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Want a more professional affiliate presence?

Stop using those clunky/ugly/obvious affiliate links when promoting someone else’s product. Have you ever seen a link that a full-time Affiliate Marketer uses? Ever wonder how they masked those links?
Well, it’s not rocket science, but it does require a little knowledge of HTML.
Or at least it used to.
Introducing iFrame Redirect Generator, the software that let’s you build redirect PHP pages that send your web traffic to whatever URL you want them on, while displaying your domain name in the address bar.
And unlike many other redirect generators out there that just give you a scaled down, stripped out PHP file, this software also allows you to enter a Title, Keywords and a Description so you can get some *Google Love* in the process.

Why Is It Free?

Well now, that’s a good question. I have been called crazy by more than one marketer for giving it away. And I will probably start charging for it, as soon as I get it where I want it (you know geeks, never satisified), have a few testimonials under my belt and feel good about the *value* I am providing. So, do yourself a favor, go ahead and get it now, and sign up for the *Lifetime Updates*. I will honor free upgrades to everyone who signs up, even after I start charging for the product.

Why Should I Get It?

In addition to creating a more professional appearance in your affiliate marketing and saving your hijacked commissions, I recently added a really cool (as if it wasn’t cool enough already) new feature that allows you to add your Google or Woopra tracking codes!
Now, when someone visits one of your links, you can SEE it in your tracking pages. What to know what post is doing best? Or if the forum signature lines you created are really working? Check your analytics!
And just in case you were wondering, it only takes 5 minutes to get up and running, no complicated setup or installation hassles.
From download to generating your first PHP redirect, 5 minutes or less (unless you are still on dial up, then it might take 7 or 8 minutes). And despite being easy to setup and use, this powerful tool really delivers.
To help you jump start your affiliate promotions, I even created a step-by-step/click-by-click video showing you how to download, install and use the iFrame PHP Redirect Generator.

Download iFrame Redirect Generator Right Now

Click ON the video once it’s playing and it will go full screen for easier viewing

Click ON the video once it’s playing and it will go full screen for easier viewing

Download iFrame Redirect Generator Right Now

What Others Are Saying

Susan Coils of had this to say:

“Honestly people, I cannot recommend this highly enough. I am an idiot when it comes to anything technical. And I have used this in about 5 minutes flat! I guarantee you will be able to use this free software no matter how ‘technically challenged’ you are.”

Luke Hawthorne of had this to say:

“…and unlike many other generators out there that just give you a scaled down, stripped out PHP file, this software also allows you to enter a Title, Keywords and a Description so you can get the search engines to find you much more easily. I strongly recommend that you use this great free software and also check-out some of Cenay’s technical blog posts. Absolutely first rate!”

Sean Kanter of had this to say:

“…I’ve been doing days of research to find the best script for php or html redirect and the end resulting URL was usually still ugly for all the scripts I found except yours. You not only had a script, but you automated it for me so I didn’t have to code anything, all I had to do was enter my pertinent information and WALAH! Using your software has given me a world of opportunity to look clean & professional. Thank you once again for this proprietary information!


Current Version:
In response to user requests, I updated the software and added these new features (or repaired the odd bug). And if you sign up for the *Lifetime Updates*, I will send you an email every time there is a new version.

  • Fixed bug on the HTML generation process that was failing to include a <head> beginning tag. SBI sites were *failing* the analysis prior to this update. (* New)
  • Fixed validation bug: if https:// type URL was used, program would prevent PHP file generation.
  • Fixed bug on Windows Vista installations not being able to *write* the INI file. (Please note, if you have a previous installation, you will need to update your settings again and enter your Google and Woopra tracking codes).
  • Fixed bug on window size so it no longer requires a re-size when you launch it
  • Improved text formatting on dialog windows
  • Reduced file size on local computer
  • Added New Tracking – for both Google and Woopra Analytics!
  • Added New Character Counter on the Description. Google only displays the first 160 characters so this will keep you from getting the dreaded […] displayed instead of your important description.
  • Added New Check for Updates screen to provide a link back to this page.
  • Added New JV Partners screen and extended the help screens
  • Added New “Settings” screen to save off standard configuration
  • Added option to create either PHP redirect or HTML redirect
  • Added option to allow “Clearing the form” upon completion
  • Added option to allow disabling the “message” box when complete
  • Corrected bug if ‘php’ wasn’t added to the file name, it appended ‘PHP’ which on Linux hosting plans created an error when
    the file name was referenced.


These are things that have been requested but not yet added. Sign up for update below, and I will notify you when these changes are complete and ready to download.

  • Save a “Log” of redirects created and location where saved
  • Create redirects to affiliate offers that allow you to insert your own opt in form
  • Encrypt the results so no one can see the affiliate links

A screen shot of the settings and preferences screen is shown below. If you use Google Analytics a lot, then this time-saver is worth the time to download a new version! Tried Woopra yet? It’s an awesome tool as well (I like it better than Google) so I included a way to add that tracking code as well.

Download iFrame Redirect Generator Right Now

Lifetime Updates, Free

Not only is the software free, but I will also include Lifetime Updates for all future versions.
Simply complete the form to the right and whenever there is a new release, I will send you a notice to come back here and download the latest and greatest version. How’s that?
If you like this software and feel it is of value to you and your marketing efforts, please feel free to blog about it, tell your friends or taunt your competition with it.
Just link to this page!

Free Updates

Please Send Updates To Address Shown Below…


What You Do Now
Right click on the link above and select “Save Target As” or “Save Link As” (depending on which browser you use) and save to your local computer. You will need WinZip or similar tool to extract the program. If you have Windows XP, there is one already built in. Just right click on the file in Windows Explorer and choose Extract All and tell it where. To use it, just double click the file name (or create a shortcut on your desktop) and complete the fields. Still need a little help? Click here to watch a step-by-step and click-by-click video of downloading, installing and using the iFrame PHP Redirect Generator.
Bottom Line:
This software will generate a PHP file that will redirect a web visitor from your page, to the page of your choice. It will hide the redirect so that the visitor never knows he was sent to another page. This type of redirect is higly recommended when you are sending traffic to an “Affiliate Link”.
No hoops, no hassles, just use the link above to download now.
Here’s What You Can Add To Each Page
Page Title
This is what will appear in the browser window title when they visit the page. It should match the contents or even the original page’s title line. Remember that keywords in here count for more when Google is indexing the page. This field can have spaces and other special characters.
This is the HTTP address for your affiliate link or other page you want the visitor to see when they enter or are sent to your redirect page. This field can not contain spaces. This field must contain a valid HTTP address.
(Optional) Enter a comma separate list of keywords that are relavent to the contents of the page. It is recommended that you only use 7-12 keywords and that each keyword be one that is used in the body of the page. This field can not contain quotes.
(Optional) A short summary of the page, like an executive summary. When Google indexing this page, this is what is displayed in the Google search results list. This field can not contain quotes.
Tracking Analytics
(Optional) You can now input your Google or Woopra Analytics tracking codes and have it embedded directly into the redirect page. When someone clicks on your link, either (or BOTH) Google or Woopra will show the *hit*.
Instructions For Use
(1) Complete all the fields (for best results) and save the file to your local computer.
(2) Use an FTP client to upload the file to your domain / subdirectory.
For best results, create a subdirectory on your domain and save the PHP file as index.php to that location or upload to a domain name if you plan to use that domain for only one thing.

Download iFrame Redirect Generator Right Now