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Okay, you might have noticed it’s been a bit quiet around here. In fact, it’s positively ghost town-ish. That’s because I’ve been as busy as a one-armed-paper-hanger on a new project.

A project near and dear to my little geeky heart.

Something I wish had existed back in 2006 when I lost a client data file. The only copy of the file in existence!

This one little snafu almost cost me a 7 year relationship with a client. And frankly, I wouldn’t have blamed them.

I Was Humiliated

That dismal day in the early summer when my computer choked while I was onsite and ate the 2 gig client data file I was there to install, I really could have used a backup regimen to cover my a$$. I sat looking at a blue screen of death as the client sat across from me turning a deep shade of purple. Then blue. Then just white. It was scary to watch.

There was nothing I could do. Lesson learned though.

I learned to backup my system regularilyI spent the next few years building up a arsenal of techniques, hardware, secondary drives and software cron jobs with the single purpose of protecting my digital life. I would never again be caught with my pants down (as it were).

And this has been working for me. I use Acronis to build digital images of my OS. HAS software to force-ably backup my changed files to a secondary drive attached to my PC. Another HAS job run nightly to backup the image of the data files. (Are your eye glazing over yet? I’m a geek and this makes even me wanna fall asleep!)

Well, no more. No more hardware. No more layered software *jobs* running at odd times when I am not using my computer. I found a better way. Actually, more accurate statement would be, I created a better way. For me. For my friends. For my clients. (Okay, to be fair, I had some help from a great guy I meet online, Joe Venturelli)

Unlimited Backup To A Cloud

With NitroBackup NitroCloud, you can see all your filesWith the advent of broadband Internet and dedicated data server farms, it was possible to create a system where the average computer user could carve out their little piece of the cloud.

Special software that you load one time and quietly runs in the background, monitoring your changed files. And when it finds something changed, it just as quietly passes it up to the cloud. Your own personal dedicated space in the digital ether where your files are guarded, pampered and held ready.

All this, at an incredible $0.14 a day. $3.95 a month. $39.95 a year (with the annual rate discount applied).

Please Come Check Out NitroBackup

Nitrobackup’s new services, NitroCloud and NitroCloud Sync are the culmination of months of work, website design, price negotiations and more than a little bit of sweat.

We’re pretty proud of the end result and believe you will love this service as much as we do.

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Friends Of Cenay Get Discount

Hey, just because you read this here, after you select your service and click the check out button, you can enter the promo code FOCENAYM for a special discount of $1.00 a month. That means you pay only $2.95 a month.

Plan to pay the whole year up front? Please use FOCENAY. If cart tells you the promo code can’t be applied, you probably put the monthly code on an annual checkout or vice versa.

Sorry, but promo codes can’t be mixed and matched, so to apply this discount, do NOT select the “Start Free Trial” option.


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