Animoto : Bringing Homemade Video To A Whole New Playing Field


It used to be that only geeks with expensive software could build a video message.

Not any more.

Introducing Animoto. An online service (free accounts still available) that allows you to upload images and / or video clips and turn those into professional looking videos.

And even though I am a geek (and still kinda proud of it), I can tell you that it’s easy to use (and not just for geeks).

Here’s a sample video I created in under 10 minutes, without any forethought or organization (an unusual process for this Virgo!) After watching the video, go check out Animoto and sign up for your free account.

I am looking forward to seeing your videos so drop back by and leave a comment pointing to what you create.

Create your own video slideshow at

Interested in creating videos longer than 30 seconds? (the free account only allows 30 seconds per video) Then use my promo code to get $5 off your All Access Pass. Promo Code: lkbvpahs


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