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Want A More Professional Approach to Affiliate Marketing?

Stop using those clunky/ugly/obvious affiliate links when promoting someone Else’s product. Have you ever seen a link that a full-time Affiliate Marketer uses? Ever wonder how they masked or cloaked those links?

Well, it’s not rocket science, but it does require a little knowledge of HTML or PHP.

Or at least it used to.

Introducing iFrame Redirect Generator , the free software that let’s you build redirect PHP pages that send your web traffic to whatever URL you want them on, while still displaying your domain name in the address bar.

And unlike many other generators out there that just give you a scaled down, stripped out PHP file, this software also allows you to enter a Title , Keywords and a Description so you can get some *Google Love* in the process.

iFrameGen contains one additional feature that other PHP generators simply don’t offer. Tracking .

That’s right. Add your Google or Woopra tracking codes, and your analytics will tell you where your traffic is coming from!

I originally wrote this software for myself, to help with my affiliate marketing. But once other marketers got wind of what I was doing, and what the pages looked like to visitors and search engines.. I got a lot of requests to build them PHP redirects.

So, I made a few modifications to make it easy for others to install, and I started giving it away. Over the last few weeks, I have released upgrades to add new features that were requested. I highly recommend this software if you don’t plan to buy a new domain for every product you will be promoting.

And hey, it’s still free!

iFrame PHP Redirect Generator – Mask Your URL’s

Updated 6/4/2010
Working on a JV with a gentlemen and when that completes, this software will be $67, so get it now while it’s still free. You are running out of time.


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