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As you navigate the world of Internet Marketing, one thing should be becoming very clear to you. In fact, if this one single fact isn’t in stark relief in your mind, you might be in the wrong business.

Copywriting Is The Million Dollar Skill

Seriously. You need to convey/convince/entice your readers/buyers/customers to take an action. Read an article, buy a product, download a book….whatever.

But before you can even start on that message, you have to convince them to read your content.  And we all know that starts with a headline.

I have read some of the copywriting books floating around, and paid attention to the successful marketers. I watch the email’s that come in and the links that Google indexes for keywords. Want to know what I have noticed?

An excellent headline will cause someone to open the email, click the link or follow the thought 185% more often than a poorly written one.

(Okay, I made that number up, but you get the idea)

Some of the better copywriters say you should craft your headline. Write out 20 – 50 for each piece of content you write so you can see the best one. (You can’t see the best one if you only write one, now can you?)

I don’t know about you, but for me, this was hard in the beginning. In fact, if I let it, it can still be hard. So, I work really hard not to let it. And when I get into trouble, I stop by this webpage, fill out 4 simple fields on the web form and click Generate Headline.

Instantly, I get 20+ headlines to select from. Maybe I just use them to spark an idea, but more often then not, when I generate headlines using this tool, I use one of them exactly as is.

And in case you are wondering, this is not an affiliate link or a paid service. In fact, this is a free service. Zip, zero, nada. That’s exactly how much you will pay.

The Lazy Man’s Way To Write Eye Catching Headlines In 30 Seconds Flat

Remember, No hoops, no hassles, no catch, no cash.


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