Clickbank Hop Ad Builder

Web Service

If you are doing any type of affiliate marketing, you might want to take a closer look at the Clickbank Hop Ad Builder.

This sweet little tool from Clickbank allows you to create tabbed boxes stuffed full of products that might be related to your readers interests. It can be targeted on an “ad by ad” basis. You can include one link, or 10. Multiple tabs or a single box.

The look and feel is also controlled by you.

Their interface is not overly complicated (though it could use a little work, hint, hint, wink, wink) and allows you to just cut and paste the code into a widget, post or website, exactly where you want the new ad(s) to appear.

Try the tabbed version for a well placed *themed set* of products your readers might enjoy.

Check out Clickbanks Hop Ad Builder here.

Also, if you have a favorite tool to place related post/products or videos on your site, I would love to hear about it. Just drop me a comment below. (Got a surprise for the best suggestion!)


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