Headspace2: The End Of An Era in SEO


Headspace2 is no longer supported. I can’t tell you how sad I am. Frustrated. Confused. Maybe a little bitter.

Headspace2 was an SEO plugin I found some time ago. As anyone who follows me knows, it’s a plugin I have proclaimed long and loud. I install it on all my client blogs. I teach how to set it up. I encouraged it’s use far and wide.

And now it’s gasping it’s last.

The Handwriting On The Wall For Headspace2

I can’t say it’s a complete surprise to me however. For some time there have been little niggling issues after each update. A quick review at Google for the search term “headspace2 not working” will reveal a series of issues dating back a while.

Things like: Headspace2 Dead

  • Headspace2 not working for WP 2.9.2
  • Page-specific themes not working
  • Excerpt Function Not Working In HeadSpace2
  • HeadSpace2 – Problems with WordPress 3 (Post Tags)
  • Plugin: HeadSpace2: Google Analytics Module not working

In fact, I have experienced many of these issues and a few not shown on the first page of Google. Of course, I manage, install and maintain more than 100 blogs. So, honestly, I can’t say I didn’t think it might be coming. I was just hoping it wouldn’t come to this.

It’s Time To Move On To A New SEO Plugin

As sad as this is (and more than a little work!), it’s time to move to a new plugin. WordPress just can’t natively do all it needs to do from an SEO standpoint. It needs a little help. So do we bloggers.

I found that help in WordPress SEO by Yoast. While it doesn’t have a couple of features that I really liked in Headspace2 (like page conditional plugins or page specific stylesheets & javascript), it does have a couple of features I really like.

Page Analysis. Snippet Preview. LSI keyword term search. All built in. So, I no longer need to load something like Bloggerhigh SEO, PushButtonSEO, SEOpressor and their like to get hints on what I can do to my content to make it more attractive to the search engines.

And I don’t have to use other plugins and third party tools to help me find related keywords (LSI terms) that I can use within a post to help me make my point clearer to both my readers and the visiting search engines.

SEO and Helping Your Readers Understand Better

WordPress SEO by Yoast offers another feature I found very revealing. It scores your content on the Flesh-Kincaid readability test. In other words, how easy is your content to understand by average readers!

The features available on a per post or per page basis are shown below to give you an idea of the power behind WordPress SEO by Yoast

Click the images to see full screen size for better detail and readability

Wordpress SEO Screen shot 1

Wordpress SEO Screen shot 2

Wordpress SEO by Yoast screen shot 3

WordPress SEO by Yoast Makes Installing Easy

Avid user of Headspace2 or All In One SEO? Then you are in luck. You can switch to WordPress SEO by Yoast and import all the meta tags, and descriptions you already have setup.

Allow me to say thanks Joost de Valk — your plugin saved my SEO life.


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