10 Authentic Ways Of Getting More Traffic

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Please note: overview runs until about 4 minutes in. If you want to just get right to the meat, start there.
I was recently doing some research on additional ways to get traffic to a website landing page for an upcoming project. I feel like I stepped off into the rabbit hole. Yeah, there’s a LOT of information on the web about getting and driving traffic.

So, to help me see the process and organize my thinking, I created a MindMap as I came across information. It wound up being broken into 10 different ways of pulling in traffic. And while a couple of them aren’t directly about driving traffic (like testing and tracking), without these steps, you’re spitting into the wind.

To help you, if you are attempting the same thing, I both made a video briefly explaining the 10 ways, and am making the MindMap available in four forms. Pick the one that works best for you. You can also interact with the MindMap below the video. I hope this helps someone out there in Internet Marketing Land.

Complete Explanation Video On
The 10 Surefire Ways Of Getting More Traffic

10 Surefire Ways Of Getting More Traffic

Download/Review The MindMap and/or eBook

To help with those who “consume” information differently, I’ve provided the content in a variety of formats. Download the one (or more) that works for you. I would also appreciate it if you could share it on any one of your social networks.

MindMap Of 10 Ways Of Getting More Traffic

There is a link above for seeing the map at the MindMeister site. This is an embed allowing you to interact (limited) with the map. Feel free to visit the live map, make a copy for yourself if you like.

Use your arrow keys (start with Right Arrow to advance) to walk through the Slideshow I setup. The links within the mindmap are clickable while in the slideshow!

Let Me Hear Your Experiences

Since I do have a pretty big project upcoming, would love to hear if you’ve found something else that works. And please, no spam comments about adding spam comments! For the love of Pete, legit suggestions please.


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