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Some of my students have asked me who my mentor was…where did I learn what I know about Online Marketing. I tell them I am too much of a control freak to follow in someone’s footsteps.

Truth is, I watch what others do and then strike out on my own to test theories, try to duplicate and basically blaze my own path. And though my answer hasn’t changed much in the last 3 years, there are a couple of so called *gurus* out there that actually are honest about what they are doing.

An Honest Marketer

One of them is Jack Humphrey. Though I don’t do everything Jack is doing, I do listen to what he has to say… hey, he has been online and making money successfully in a big way for a while.

If you are like me and wanting to blaze your own trail — I completely understand. But, take a minute and watch this video that Jack put together about one really simple and easy to duplicate method of making money online. Watch the free video, check out his 10 / 30 method and then decide… can Jack show you how to stop chasing the shiny objects thrown in front of you by every guru out there, and start making money online.

Go watch the free 16 minute Blog Success video where Jack reveals one method of making money online that almost all of the big-time guru’s use to make money online — even if you didn’t KNOW that was how they were really making their money.


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