Curious About Web 2.0?

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Ask the average web surfer … “What is web 2.0?”, and most will respond “video”.

They would be only half right.

Web 2.0 is about community. It’s about empowering the visitor to experience the site, and participate in the “conversation”. It’s about letting visitors communicate with each other as well. It’s drag and drop technology allowing free expression, like MySpace. It’s prebuilt pages where you just “fill in the blanks” like blogs or sites like Weebly and HubPages. It’s YouTUBE where you can watch laughing babies and motorcycle stunts. And send the video to a friend if you like it.

And I love it. All of it.

I have been playing in a lot of different arena’s recently and wanted to share a bit of it with you. I just created a new video’s site. Well, not new, I have been tinkering for about a month. There are about 20 video’s up so far. I have had requests for a few others, which are due out soon. I also have some plans for video’s, but in the spirit of “Web 2.0” and the “Conversation”, thought you might like to request one yourself.

I can’t promise I can make a “How-To Video” for everything that is requested, but I am betting on a good many of them. So, follow this link and check out the new site. It’s a tool for you. Join the conversation!


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Cenay is a self-proclaimed geek with mad technical skills she loves sharing with Videos, Coaching and Articles. Need help? Click the Book 30 Minutes to find out if this is a good fit.

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