You Can Build A Downline, Great! You Own Nothing!

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by Shiraz Khan – posted on his blog at

Shiraz is someone I met on the Magnetic Sponsoring training site whom I admire. I follow his blog regularly, but wanted to share an article I found that I really enjoyed. Thanks Shiraz for your laser targeted message.

You Can Build A Downline, Great! You Own Nothing

by Shiraz Khan

Have you ever considered becoming a lawyer without going to Law school? How about performing surgery without going to medical school?


It’s amazing how many businesses on the internet cater to people’s fears by telling them they’ll do ALL the lead generating, prospecting, and downline building for them. You can just sit on your butt and watch money come pouring in right through your computer screen automatically.

Just look pretty, and no need to lift up a finger…

Yeah right.

Here’s the problem with these “programs” that promise you the world. Even if they make you money, you’ll have NO ownership.

You won’t own any leadership skills of confidence to attract people into your business. You won’t own any marketing skills to generate leads. None of the prospects and downline members will belong to you.

It will all be the property of your company. If the company says goodbye to you one day, you’re dead in the water. Is that a risk you want to take and fully depend upon?

The wealthy will tell you that a real business is a true asset. It’ something you own, and it depends on no one individual or entity. It runs as a system independently, and you become the center piece.

If you’re not building “You, inc”, marketing and branding yourself, and building solid lead generation skills without cold calling and buying leads, then you’re not a real entrepreneur.

You’ve just got a job as a high-commission sales person.

– Shiraz Khan

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