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Can Your Site Survive A Digg?


Most bloggers blog away, and slowly — over time — build up their readership. They are rocking along on a hosting company pretty much like everyone else’s and not giving much thought to bandwidth or page views.

Oh sure, we all want more, I mean who doesn’t want more page views? But what happens to your site if suddenly, with no warning — 30 thousand people show up? It can happen if you land on the front page of Digg.

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Fix The WordPress Blank Page Error


So, has this happened to you? You install a new upgrade or plugin, and suddenly, various places within your dashboard no longer work? You happily click the Dashboard | Posts | Edit link to be greeted by a stark white and completely empty page.

I know. Me too.

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Teaser Video: SEO Powersuite

Online Marketing , SEO

I just purchased an amazing tool to help me focus my SEO efforts, build inbound links, audit my results and check my rankings. What can I say, it was time to take my SEO and link portfolio to the next level and some of this wasn’t being handled by Market Samurai or SEO Elite, both tools I purchased for this purpose.

And because I am more than a little willing to gloat (’cause YOU don’t have this tool and I do), allow me to show you what you are missing.

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MyCuisine Theme Installation From Elegant Themes


Elegant Themes makes some of the most professional, beautiful and easy to use themes out there. One of their newest themes is MyCuisine, which has features just for food blogs

A client who has a Cake Decorating site wanted a new look and feel, so we choose the MyCuisine theme. This video shows you the old site, downloading the new theme, exactly what you have to do to install a theme from Elegant Themes, and how to tweak it to get it just right.

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Google Penguin Update: Has Your Site Been Frozen Out?


As some that have Business Web sites have discovered, not all penguins are cute and cuddly. The recent Google Penguin updates have led to more than a handful of problems for some Business Web sites, many of which have been left scrambling trying to bring their site’s rankings back up to par to where they were even a few months ago.

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Headspace2: The End Of An Era in SEO

FAQ , Plugins , SEO , Wordpress

Headspace2 is no longer supported. I can’t tell you how sad I am. Frustrated. Confused. Maybe a little bitter.

Headspace2 was an SEO plugin I found some time ago. As anyone who follows me knows, it’s a plugin I have proclaimed long and loud. I install it on all my client blogs. I teach how to set it up. I encouraged it’s use far and wide. And now it’s gasping it’s last.

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