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SEO Using Backlinks


I recently wrote an article on another blog that I want to point you to. There are three of us (Deontee Gordon, Dali Burgado and myself) that contribute to the Secrets To Web Success, so you get a full range of specialties.

The article I am suggesting you read if you are trying to build your organic rankings is called…

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Install and Setup Catalyst WordPress Theme


A recent coaching session explored a theme my student purchased called Catalyst. His goal is to create a default blog using the Catalyst Wordpress Theme and then clone it to multiple sites. We choose Catalyst because he can change the look of the blog in seconds, without needing to know how to code PHP, HTML or CSS.

This video walked him through installing the theme (after purchase), and covers a few of the cooler functions available to him. It’s a short video, but I think one that will show off the features of the Catalyst Theme pretty well.

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SenSEO: A Checklist For SEO


As anyone who knows me can attest, I am a rabid Firefox fan.

I found one more reason to crow about the virtues of Firefox. It’s an addon for Firefox that allows you to check your site and give you a grade based on selected criteria.

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WordPress Plugins: Fever In The Bunk House Now

Other Authors , Wordpress

Choosing the right WordPress plugins to help manage a marketing platform is like rolling dice – you have to roll the dice to see what happens. Adding plugins is an easy enough task, but it’s always encouraging to find a resource that gives a full review and even video demonstrations of what to expect from the performance of every helpful little add-on to your WordPress platform.

You’re visiting one of those sites.

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Add Google Maps To Your WordPress Blog


For those of you who haven’t yet discovered my Self Empowering Videos, I am republishing my latest video here. But, you really should pop over and check out my Videos site. There are more than 100 videos online and only a small handful are published here.

So, without further ado, here is my latest video: Add Google Maps To Your Wordpress Blog.

If you are using Wordpress to brand…

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Retrofit Your Elegant Theme With Shortcodes


If you have followed my (excellent) advice, you have purchased Elegant Themes. You have installed one of their beautiful themes on your blog. Perhaps you even did this some time ago. In that case, the theme you have installed might not have the new Shortcodes feature.

If you have done extensive modifications, you might not want to update the theme. In that case, you can retro fit your customized theme with the new feature like this…

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WordPress Theme Installation Video


In this video, I show off a few features from Elegant Themes, one of my favorite theme providers. We will also download, extract and upload to our domain one of the themes we find there.

Some of the features of Elegant Themes that I love are the shortcodes and ePanel features. Shortcodes allow you to quickly bring in beautiful buttons or tabs, without coding. The ePanel allows you to turn on or off categories that are dislpayed in a variety of places.

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Keyword Ranking More Important

Keyword Ranking Now More Important


Professional bloggers know the value of a good keyword ranking for the exact keyword their target market is searching for, but it just got much more important to be ranked highly for your search terms.

Google has released Google Instant, a search tool reminiscent of the Quicken style searching introduced when computers were still in their adolescence. As you type, results begin appearing. Type a bit more, the results change to show the “new information”.

Since there is no need to scroll to see additional results, searchers are focusing more on the results that appear at the top of the results page.

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Do All Themes Support Excerpts?

FAQ , Wordpress

QUESTION TO CENAY: if I want a page looking like a blog with “read more” link, or excerpts, how do i make that? Is it possible that not every theme supports this?

I answered with this…
It is possible not every theme supports it, but you can test with a couple of methods. You can also change your blog’s display method in a couple of different ways. I will detail each here.

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