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Dec 06

One Service Rep – Above and Beyond

By Cenay Nailor | Product Review

Actually, it’s more like 5 service rep’s over the last two months, but today’s rep at IX Web Hosting really impressed me. Let me share a little about Carson with you.

A little background… a hacker POS found a way into my hosting account. An unsecured back door or careless password from someone on the server and the little scum sucker wiggled his or her way in. IX notified me immediately that my account password might have been compromised. They changed ALL passwords immediately and required me to do the same.

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May 04

Affiliate Theme In Review

By Cenay Nailor | Affiliate Marketing , Featured , Product Review

Converting An Existing Blog To Affiliate Theme

There are a lot of Wordpress Themes out there, but none that could make affiliate marketing easy. Until now.

I recently purchased Affiliate Theme by Unique BlogDesigns to give it a whirl. Before getting the Affiliate Theme, I had to find a Wordpress theme that somewhat matched my *market*, and then make extensive edits and upgrades to make it work. Getting the Affiliate Theme was like getting an *Easy Button* for affiliate marketing.

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Apr 03

FAQ: Automate Article Submissions?

By Cenay Nailor | FAQ , Product Review

Recently received this question from a loyal reader named Jim F. (Okay, gotta protect his privacy unless he says differently), about a conversation we had recently regarding “Article Marketing” and improving your SEO rankings and traffic to your website. Decided to start a new category on the blog to handle those questions I get asked […]

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Mar 24

MLM Traffic Formula – Redefining The Rules

By Cenay Nailor | Product Review

It used to be…

  • You called all your friends
  • You called all your family
  • You “pitched” everyone you came in contact with
  • You pumped your new team mates for their friends
  • You pumped your new team mates for their family
  • You went to parties to talk about your business
  • You quickly went broke buying leads because you ran out of people to talk to

Not any more.

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