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Actually, it’s more like 5 service rep’s over the last two months, but today’s rep at IX Web Hosting really impressed me. Let me share a little about Carson with you.

A little background… a hacker POS found a way into my hosting account. An unsecured back door or careless password from someone on the server and the little scum sucker wiggled his or her way in. IX notified me immediately that my account password might have been compromised. They changed ALL passwords immediately and required me to do the same.

However, in the short time between hack and discovery, they were already at work. Automated bot’s ran scripts that propagated itself into thousands of files. I have spent a lot of time over the last two months restoring files, reinstalling WordPress, updating Plugins.

Today, I went to my site (as I do almost every day) and Avast screamed a warning at me. My site was infected with malware! An iFrame was injected into my site doing God knows what. (As far as I can tell, nothing, but you know how those sneaky little devils can be).

Refresh the page, and it disappears. Owwww. This is gonna make it hard to find and fix if it won’t stay still more than a minute.

I reinstalled all files again and then went to the site again. Still there. Frustrated and pretty upset at the absolutely worthless crap some people have the need to share with others, I called IX. They offer live chat (which I mostly use), and a 24/7 ticket system (which I have to use sometimes when the live chat guys can’t help) and phone help.

Today, frustrated and ready to pull my hair out, I needed a real live human being to vent to. Someone to ask questions of. Someone who would let me know I am not alone out here. Today, that was Carson.

Carson of the southern drawl. Carson of the enormous patience. Carson, my hero.

More than 40 minutes on phone as we explored every security measure possible, Carson never once was anything but a gentleman. This despite the fact that I was a woman on a vent. Not to him certainly, but rant just the same.

By the time I got off the phone with Carson, I felt pretty good about what we were able to accomplish, and what the next steps were. It’s a rare service tech that can calm me down once I am pissed off, but Carson managed to do it without even seeming to try.

Thanks Carson. I really appreciate you.

And to those of you worried about your sites, let me share something I learned today. Make sure your permissions are no higher than 755 for any file or folder on your site. Above that, and anyone can use the *open door* to inject code. I found more than a 100 open doors!

Don’t depend on a new upload to just set the permissions for you (like I did). Make sure they are set correctly. That little extra step would have saved me a lot of grief.

So, need a host that has excellent tech support with compassionate people on the other end of that lifeline? You really have to give IX Web Hosting a try.


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