MLM Traffic Formula – Redefining The Rules

Product Review

It used to be…

  • You called all your friends
  • You called all your family
  • You “pitched” everyone you came in contact with
  • You pumped your new team mates for their friends
  • You pumped your new team mates for their family
  • You went to parties to talk about your business
  • You quickly went broke buying leads because you ran out of people to talk to

Not any more.

Mike Dillard and his home study course titled “MLM Traffic Formula” are redefining the “rules” of network marketing. Following his guidelines, you can change the dynamics of “prospecting”. Tell me, how many more people do you think you could convince to join your organization if THEY called YOU first?

MLM Traffic Formula (MTF) teaches a few simple techniques to position you exactly where your prospects are looking. It teaches you how to be a better leader. It teaches you the steps necessary to become the Hunted, instead of the Hunter. In other words, it teaches you how to succeed in network marketing.

These are just words though. You have no reason to believe me. Yet. Let me tell you exactly what it did for me.

I bought the course in August. I listened to all 11 CD’s. I read the supplemental manual. A real manual by the way, not just a transcript of the recordings. I watched the two DVD movies. And then I Googled my name — to establish my “baseline”. I got 5 pages returned, which surprised me — I didn’t think there would be any. I found some posts I made on a newsgroup from 1994 for goodness sakes!

Then I began implementing the steps outlined in MLM Traffic Formula.

It took a little while to build some momentum. Almost two weeks. And then I Googled my name again. 1012 pages returned. Sweet.

I continued doing the steps. I focused my energy for a solid month – all my spare time, every extra 15 minutes I could find. Googled myself again, and guess what? More than 2500 pages returned. Even better.

Fast forward 3 months and there were 12,200 pages returned. But even more impressive than all this was what was happening to my business. People started calling me. Can you imagine what it was like to GET a call asking me about my business? And even though many weren’t interested in my particular company, I still earned commissions on those that said no.


Self-funded advertising. I was offering a tool that helps people succeed in business. . . any business. So, even if they say no to Nussentials, many said yes to a “retail” product I endorsed. And I should mention that although MLM Traffic Formula carries a “price-tag” that is out of the range of many “start-ups”, I made back my money in less than a month, and I continue to earn 3 times what I paid, every month.

Google changed their indexing method again (they do this about every 3 months or so), and despite the number of pages dropping to less than 5000, I am still getting calls. More every week. My business is growing. My commissions are growing. My confidence is growing. Can you put a price on that?

If you are serious about network marketing (and I assume you are since you are here reading…), then you need to consider a different approach. MLM Traffic Formula is that approach. It offers the skills necessary to dramatically change the way you grow your business and income.


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