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A friend of mine from one of the Mastermind groups I belong to is about to launch her first product, thus proving the value of her product .

I say that because her new product, Mindset Marketing is exactly what she used to go from product idea to product launch.

She is one of those frustratingly upbeat people who simply *shine* in almost any situation you throw her into. Her writing style is down to earth. Her information is powerful.

Kurt Henniger had this to say about Mindset Marketing…

Dali Burgado has hit the nail right on the head here.

Often times, true success is limited by ourselves, not others. What she teaches in this book is hands down some of the best success mindset training on the market.

This book can help you improve yourself and improve your productivity at the same time. A must read for those who want to achieve true personal and financial success.

Dali (that’s her name, I don’t know if I mentioned that already ) dispels a number of myths about working successfully online in a clear and easy to read Work of Art . In fact, her Mindset Marketing book should be called a Manifesto and be required reading for anyone hoping to be successful in business.

I think my favorite part was the Passion Check section. She explains exactly how to market your passion, something near and dear to my heart.

I highly recommend Mindset Marketing .

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