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Have you ever had a task you knew you had to get done, but had been putting it off for so long that you lost track of everything you planned to do?

Yeah, me to. The Services Pages was one such project for me. In fact, to be fair, the Blog Installations, Plugins and Consultations, Theme Modifications and Coaching pages also needed updating as well. So, I unplugged the phone, closed Skype and turned off auto-retrieval for my email and got busy.

If you are even remotely interested in services offered here, feel free to poke around. If, like my daughter, you could care less… then just forgive my absence from the blogging scene and perhaps do a little jig with me to celebrate.

And if you were thinking you needed to do something similar on your blog, let me know. I found a great plugin (inexpensive but lots of options) that let’s me add products, images and check out options. Please note the Shopping Cart on the pages that offer services. Click “Add to Cart” on a product or two to see how it behaves. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to checkout if you don’t want to). I can say with a lot of enthusiasm that WP eStore Plugin rocks!

All in all a very elegant option for bloggers who sell the occasional product, don’t have a merchant account and don’t want to build PayPal buttons for every product.


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