One way to monetize your Authority Niche Site is to add an Amazon store as a page within your blog. If it’s featured on the first page and contains items that your visitors are interested in, it can be a great way to bring in additional revenue.

This How To Video walks you through the process of logging into your Amazon Affiliate account, and creating a store with exactly the products you want. Adding the store to a page in your blog is shown, along with techniques to get it looking good. There is an additional video showing you how to remove the blog’s sidebar from a page template so more of the Amazon store shows up.

With the Amazon store, once it’s created, you can add products and change colors without making a change to your blog. You can have additional categories and a search feature that works within your store. Each item sold from your Amazon store pays you a *commission* or referral fee.

Watch this video if you want to start bringing in additional revenue from the traffic you are already getting, or want to increase the traffic with SEO optimized new search terms.

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