SEO: The Side Benefit Of Good Content


I was talking with a blogging student a couple of days ago, and explaining the importance of publishing good content, that goes beyond the obvious and thought I would share those thoughts with you.

Publishing Good Content Affects SEO In Two Beneficial Ways

Searchers Are More Likely To Click

The first is sort of obvious. If you are publishing good content, ie: something people are looking for, then when your content is served by Google in the organic search results (SERP), people are more likely to click the link.

This is especially true if you take the time to craft both a great title that states (implicitly or explicitly) the benefit they will gain from clicking the link, and a well thought out description. Remember, Google reads the descriptions in the meta-tag IF it contains the keyword(s) the searcher typed in so give this some thought.

The Side Benefit Of Good Content

The second benefit is a little less obvious, but even more powerful a reason than the first. If you are writing about what your *niche* wants to know and providing great content, other blogmasters and webmasters will link to your post, or even better, publish your post and include the resource box you took the time to include.

You did include a resource box, right?

I know some bloggers get upset when their content is republished on other blogs, but not me. I just make it easier for them to grab my post and make sure I include a resource box that explains who I am and a link back to the original post. If they are within my same *niche*, that backlink’s value to me is way more than any hurt feelings I have.

Perhaps A Third Benefit?

Something I haven’t finished testing yet, but suspect is a third benefit is the *shareable* nature of good content through the social networks. I know that Twitter (for example) uses *nofollow* on all their links published to the Twitter Timeline, but there is still the clickable nature of a link shared socially.

So, while it might not be a direct SEO benefit, it definitely helps in getting more eyeballs.

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