SEO: Is Your Blog Search Engine Friendly?


I recently came across a short *Check List* to help you determine if your site is *SEO Friendly*. I am including that list and a couple of additional notes here. Use this checklist each time you post new content, and you will get *found* much faster.

  • Is the Title appropriate to the content? Does it let the reader know what is contained within and does it build interest or ask a question?
  • Is the Title unique for each page or post? (Duplicate titles only confuse your readers and Google)
  • Is there at least one Hx Tag with your primary or secondary keywords?
  • Are URLs User friendly? Are they short enough to be memorable and contain one or more keyword
  • Is the content really worth linking to? Is it valuable in some way to the reader or search engines?
  • Have I avoided all the blackhat SEO methods like hidden text and keyword stuffing?
  • Is my post or page visually appealing?
  • Do I have a Sitemap for the search engines (XML) and another for the readers?
  • Is the robots.txt file correct and not blocking any needed url?
  • Are any meta tags stopping Google from indexing anything which needs indexing?
  • Are the meta keyword and description tags there for all pages?
  • Are the alt tags of any images descriptive to both the content and the purpose?
  • Have you added rel=”nofollow” to all external and internal non content links ?

I would add:

  • Have you completed the All In One SEO or Headspace2 (depending on your preference) additional fields that increase your SEO on each post?
  • Did you include your primary and secondary keywords in the description?
  • Did you build your custom, hand-crafted HTML rich *Excerpt*?

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