Reciprocity and SEO


Most folks would define SEO (or search engine optimization) as the science or ability to optimize your site or blog for the search engines. That gets you visitors, right?

When the search engines can find you, typically, everyone else can. But is there another way? Do we have to rely on the giant search engines like Google, MSN or Yahoo to send visitors to our sites?


is a WordPress plugin that offers another way to get traffic. The time honored tradition of reciprocity .

Once installed, Zemanta sits quietly in the *Add New* page, offering images, articles, products, blog posts and other related content, based on the keywords of your post. Adding a photo or related blog post is as easy as clicking the title.


If it’s a photo you are adding, it will neatly tuck it into the upper right of your post.

Adding a related blog post? Zemanta will insert text and links into your post like the one’s you see at the bottom of this post, automatically.

Setup Zemanta to include the *Reblog* option, and visitors can blog about and republish your content with a few clicks, gaining you more visitors. And everyone that visits the reblogged content, see’s your content.

Traffic from sources other than the search engines? Absolutely! Eye candy for your blog? You bet. A better experience for your visitors? No question.

Would you agree?

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