Case Study: 200% Traffic Increase with Plugins


I have seen some pretty amazing results on some of my blogs as a result of some new plugins and a few SEO tweaks to the theme.

Being the anal-retentive, computer programmer geeky Virgo that I am, I want to know if it’s a fluke, or if the results are duplicatable. That’s just the way I am.

Want a 200% Increase in Traffic?

I want to see if I can take 5 WordPress bloggers and increase their traffic using plugins and SEO tweaks to their existing theme.

I may need to add to this list, but here are the basic *rules* and *requirements*. Review these and then let me know if you would like to be one of the 5.

  • Your blog must be a self-hosted WordPress blog and you must be willing to upgrade to the latest version.
  • You must post to your blog at least once a week.
  • You must be willing to allow me direct access to upload plugins, change settings and make theme tweaks
  • You must be willing to allow me to spotlight you and your blog in my case study if we achieve 200% (or better) increase in traffic, without changing your posting schedule .

That’s it. I don’t know if we can do 200%, or if it will be more like 500%, but I want to find out. I offer a SEO Optimized WordPress blog install and tweak service ($400 per blog), and if I can increase traffic by 200%, well, that would be something to crow about. I am willing to do it for 5 folks for free, to 1) get testimonials and 2) complete my published case study.

Please note: I will provide a non-disclosure agreement about login info and FTP access and remove these from my computer once the case study is complete. I will backup all files, posts, theme files, etc. before beginning and will put everything back the way it was if things don’t go as planned or at your request. You may *stop* the process at any time with an email.

Please leave a comment with questions, suggestions or observations. I will reviewing requests for the next few days and select the 5 blogs by the end of next week. I expect the case study to take approximately 9 weeks, on this schedule:

  • Week 1: Baseline traffic numbers
  • Week 2: Installation of my secret weapon plugins
  • Week 3: Tweak settings of the various plugins specific to the blog
  • Week 4: Tweak theme files to add SEO elements
  • Week 5: Review traffic patterns and current tweaks
  • Week 6: Fine tune tweaks and settings
  • Week 7: Fine tune theme tweaks
  • Week 8: Review traffic patterns and current tweaks
  • Week 9: Compare traffic from week 1 and week 9. Publish results.

I look forward to your comments and feedback. Let’s go see if this was a fluke, or if it can be duplicated on any blog.


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