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by Dan Duvano

Link building is a crucial part of building up your search engine rankings and increasing the number of visitors to your site. Aside from search engine related factors, it also helps get visitors to your site through directly clicking the links.

Right at the center of any serious search engine optimization campaign, is link building. Without a definite strategy for ongoing link building, your goals for search engine rankings aren’t likely to succeed. The single thing you should concentrate on the most, is gaining high quality incoming links.

What Is Link Building Really?

Link building is a pretty general term used to describe anything you do to build links to a website.

Link building is the off-page optimization part of SEO. It is also one of the most important parts of SEO, and takes a long time. It can grant great website rankings, and really needs to be an ongoing process.

Link Building isn’t the same as content marketing, just like link baiting isn’t exactly the same as viral marketing. Link Building (or link marketing, as some call it) is the place where SEO and content marketing meet. Link building and building backlinks is a much different practice today than it was even three years ago. Many potential link exchanges are lost due to poor communication, an insincere email introduction, the lack of integrity in reciprocal and three-way link exchanges, and other unfair link exchange practices.

Link building requires dedication and consistent effort. It is the most difficult, time-consuming and important task an SEO performs to get a website ranked well.

Different Link Building Tactics

Link building is a critical part of any search engine optimization campaign. Major search engines consider the number of relevant links your site as a measure of your popularity and usefulness. In this way, link building helps your site to gain page rank. The higher the page rank, the more chances it gives your site to rank highly in search engines with relevant keywords. Google loves good kosher links.

There are several different methods of link building, including gain reciprocal inks, three way linking, and one way links. One way links are definitely the best.

Reciprocal Linking

This is often the standard from of link building. Its not the best as I said earlier, but it is valid.

Search engines are not so much concerned about links being reciprocated as they are about links being contextually relevant to both sites. Obtaining top quality contextually relevant links will not only help boost your site’s performance on the search engines, but also draw targeted traffic to your site.

1 Way Links

One way links are harder to obtain, but simply put, they are the best kind of link hands down. So although they are harder to come by, this is where you should focus your efforts.

Try visiting to see how to build one way links the easy way.

Why You Need To Build Links

Simply put, your website needs visitors, and the vast majority of all web visitors will come via the search engines. If your website wants a good ranking in the search engines, especially front page ranking, you’ll need some quality incoming links.

Link building can really make a huge impact on your search engine positions. Adding just a few high quality links can really be the difference between the first page and third page of any search engine, and this means a huge difference in the amount of traffic.

In order for your site to rank well and achieve its natural ranking potential, it is critically important that your site attracts relevant inbound links from other sites that can drive targeted traffic to your site, increase sales, and help your business achieve its goals. Link Building is a way to direct more traffic to your site through relevant incoming links. The process works by increasing your visibility on the Web, increasing your link popularity, and, ultimately, your site’s rankings.

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