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For someone who is starting a web based business, one of the biggest challenges is generating traffic to their web site. It takes some researching for ways to drive free traffic to your website. Of course there are lots of strategies to promote a website, and one of the best ways to get traffics is through forum postings.

A forum is a gathering of people that usually have the same interest on a certain topic like health, business, hobbies etc. It is designed for those who want to share their opinions, ask questions, socialize, seek help and give advice.

Forums are a treasure trove of information. Participating in forums does not only benefit you, but you will also get the benefit of promoting your website. Of course the more forum postings you had, the bigger chances of generating free traffics.

You will find plenty of forums if you research for the desired topic plus the word forums. For instance, if you are seeking for health tips, you might do a search for “health forums”. From there you’ll find different categories, but it is better if you start ith the basic message groups.

Now let’s find out how forums can help drive free traffics.

Forum postings, message boards and newsgroup are the beginning of a relationship between you and your audience- those who read these venues. Most of these message boards allow you to use a portrait of yourself. This adds up in making the whole experience much more personal, between you and your readers. In most cases, it allows readers to meet other people online and finally become friends with them.

With these venues you have the prospective in reaching a large number of people, all who can help you and your business and may form some lasting friendships in the process. This is one way of generating free traffics using forums.

Forums posting is also one of the most productive efforts that you can engage yourself online. Remember that time is money. You are working hard to on promoting your website. And this is one way of getting free traffics. So, involve yourself, participate in at least some of these ventures:

1. Join in any forum discussions that interest you. However, you should also be choosy on the forums you’re going in with. Make sure that it also related to the theme of your website.

2. Choose the topic or the area where you have the opportunity to help other people. You can give instant solutions to their problems or some suggestions.

3. You can also connect to those discussions wherein the members share the same interest that you have in the website.

4. Finally, this is your time to share your ideas and inquire about something that you want to know. Forums are actually a give and take method. A good strategy that benefits all the members.

Here are some key points to consider in forum postings. Remember that your main goal is to promote your website.

1. Look for message boards that generate a lot of traffic. The more traffic on the board the better your chances of getting more traffic to your site and making good connections with others. Avoid forums that contain spam.

2. Use your real name and if possible post a picture of your self. If you have a logo of your site, better post it also. It is one way o letting people know you and the website that you are promoting.

3. Success in getting your post read is your main concern. You won’t waste time for your forum postings just to be ignored by the readers. Make sure your subject is catchy and you are at the right topic.

4. Proper choice of keywords is also important. So make sure you use good keywords in your message boards.

6. Signature files that links to your site are also vital. Use them every time you post. The signature must explain briefly your products. This will also count as sites that link to your website and thereby increase you popularity and rankings. So make them unique and creative.

7. Make sure you are contributing something worthy when you participate in these message boards. Once you start to become a valuable contributor others build a trust in you and will feel safe making purchases from your site.

8. Forum etiquette. Make sure you observe proper rules in forum postings. Avoid violent reactions, and comments. That won’t help you. Attacking others or attacking in defense will drive business away from your site faster than you can blink an eye. Always READ your posts before hitting the submit button.

9. Lastly, always, always ALWAYS obey the guidelines if they exist, and use common sense if they don’t. Respectful use of other people’s forums to draw traffic is often welcomed as long as you are a useful, positive contributor to the community.

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