My Profound Apologies


If you are a part of my Tech Based Marketing Newsletter Subscribers, you have my heartfelt and profound apologies. As many of you know, my sites were hacked, my control panel invaded and 2 months of my time lost chasing the #@%@# hacker(s).

I was able to resolve my problem thanks to the wonderful folks at IX Web Hosting and their tireless efforts to help me get my sites clean and a complete backup on my local computer.

Here’s the rub.

Not sure exactly how, but my AWeber account got reset as well, so when my video site came back up, the first 10 video entries were revived and passed back to AWeber as well. Most of you got 10 emails in one day!

As you know from reading my email’s, I am not a rabid marketer. Yes, you get occasional offers from me, but mostly you get solid content from my blog. Typically, you never get more than 4 email’s in a week, and that’s only if I have been really busy creating new blog or video content.

On the day that 10 emails went out, several subscribers unsubscribed. I don’t really blame them. But I wanted you to know, it wasn’t intentional.

As a thank you for those that continued to read through to this message and didn’t unsubscribe, I have a gift for you. It’s called 7 Keys To Success. It’s a 22 page look at the 7 traits a successful entrepreneur has. No opt-in’s, no sign ups. No hassles. Just right click the link above and select Save Link As (Firefox) or Save Target As (IE) and save to your local computer.

Enjoy. And thank you again for your loyalty. I appreciate you one and all.


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