Make 2010 The Year You Acheive Your Dreams


At the end of each year, most of us spend a few moments reflecting on what we have accomplished during the year.

Are we were we wanted to be?

Each year, at least for me, there is a little disappointment when I realize that – no – I did not achieve what I had set out to get done.

Is this a case of dreaming too big? Or perhaps dreaming big, and then spending too much time on other tasks?

Either way, the result is the same. Disappointment. This year isn’t any different. Well, okay, perhaps a little different. I am still a little disappointed. Still fell a little short of the goal… but not as bad as most years. The difference?

Focus. Consistent effort. And a little grit.

2009 for me, was a good year. A profitable year. I made more from my Internet activities than I did from my programming activities — a first for me. But in many ways it was an up hill battle. See, I am easily distracted. The next hottest product comes out and I want to jump all over it and test it, tweak it, make it better. What can I say… I am definitely a geek.

Having someone reign me in from time to time, and suggest that I stay on point has been a huge help (thanks Carol!). Getting a day planner and mapping out the tasks I need to accomplish also helped. Getting better at what I am doing online helped too. So did a lot of little things… so for me, it’s time to take stock of what worked and what didn’t.

So pardon me while I brain storm here…

In the “worked for me” column goes

  • Taking action while the thought was fresh
  • Not being afraid of wrong action (wrong action is a teacher)
  • Remembering to jot down a followup appointment to check results at regular intervals
  • Finding ways to automate as much as possible
  • Placing a value on my time and sticking to it
  • Brainstorming with the right people
  • Buying a personal or business development product and working through it front to back (and taking notes)
  • Stop smoking. The extra time not spent outside huffing away has been a boon.

In the “didn’t really work for me” column goes

  • Buying three new IM products in a week and not completing any of them
  • Being on the “mailing list” of 109 different marketers (too much lost time reading and sorting)
  • Over extending myself and not placing a value on my time
  • Not allowing enough personal recreation time. (It’s important to chill from time to time)
  • Trying to remember everything without crib notes.

I have never really been the “make a new year’s resolution” kinda gal, so I am not proposing anything so bold. I do better with little changes repeated until they become habit. Then adding another little change until it becomes habit. So, in keeping with that tradition, no bold statements earnestly stated during an alcohol induced stupor. Just plain ole fashioned statement of purpose and a recognition that I have it within my power to achieve my dreams.

Starting today.

How about you? What were the top 3 things you learned should be in the “didn’t work for you” column, or the top three things that were definitely in the ‘worked for you” column? I would value your insights.


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