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As I get more proficient with blogging, I am finding more and more really cool plugins and tools to help. One such plugin that I found recently was sooooo way cool, I just had to share it in it’s own post. (Come on, you knew I was a WordPress Plugin Junkie, right?)

WordPress Tweaks is a plugin that adds a "Tweaks" page to your WordPress options. Each individual tweak can be enabled/disabled at will using a checkbox. These tweaks include:

  • Admin
    • Disable tag autocomplete
    • Disable the Dashboard
    • Disable the Flash uploader
    • Remove the width restraint on administration pages
  • Comments and Pings
    • Disable self-pinging
    • Open external comment links in new windows
    • Show comments in reverse order
  • Posts
    • Open external post links in new windows
    • When displaying post excerpts on archive and search pages, display a "Read more »" link instead of "[…]"
  • Nofollow
    • Add to post comment links
    • Add to "Read more" links
    • Add to tag cloud links
    • Add to the "Register" and "Login" links
    • Remove from comment author links
    • Remove from comment body links
  • SEO
    • Only show the tag cloud widget on the homepage
    • Show post excerpts (instead of full content) on archive pages
  • Security
    • Disable directory listing for my plugins folder
    • Hide WordPress’s version number from my theme and feeds
  • Theme and Appearance
    • Add code references to favicon.ico
    • Remove white space from pages list
  • WordPress 2.3 Legacy Fixes
    • Rename "Blogroll" admin menu item to "Links"
    • Fix: current_page_item on page_for_posts

    Now, if you are new to blogging, some of these tweaks might not make a lot of sense to you right now. Trust me, just get the plugin and enable most of the items. They all help!

    You can get a copy of this plugin on John Lamansky’s blog, the WordPress Expert


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