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(Part of an ongoing series on protecting your most valuable asset in your online marketing arsenal, your WordPress blog)

Sabre: Simple Anti Bot Registration Engine

Sabre is an acronym for Simple Anti Bot Registration Engine. It’s a set of counter measures against spam registration on your blog.

Your visitors are granted permission to register freely on your blog and now you are plagued by fake users automatically created by spammers?

Sabre is the solution to stop these robotized visitors!

Sabre has a number of options you will need to complete to protect your blog, and some will probably need to be changed over time as you learn what they do. These include things like including a captcha form on the registration page to providing a special invitation code they must use.

All the features are activated by parameters so it is pretty flexible.

Download Sabre WordPress plugin here

Here’s Some Additional Info I Found About Bot’s

Google + reCAPTCHA could raise bar in anti-bot, anti-spam battle … – Locked in a cat-and-mouse game with spammers who use bots to defeat anti-fraud mechanisms and create fake accounts, Google today announced a deal to a.

Preparing for Battle | Tamao – No need for a log-in, but there is a ReCaptcha anti-bot thing. Apparently, votes only last for seven days, which makes sense given the ephemerality of web fiction, so I’ll probably have to ask again, if it produces any visits. …

Myqanda, Possibly A Simple Anti-Bot Solution To Fight Coment Spams … – Myqanda, Possibly A Simple Anti-Bot Solution To Fight Coment Spams? I just checked my server log between Dec 19, 2006 and today. SCode Plugin has successfully prevented 2140 comment spams, but there were 122 spams which slipped through …

Installing Anti Bot Question Mod to PhpBB Forum – Each and everytime I do this it takes me at least an hour .. unlike the instructions which say 5-10 mins. Mostly because I forget all the lessons previously learned so here are my notes for next time. …


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