To Be Successful In MLM, What Do You Need Most?

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As an avid network marketer, I am constantly on the lookout for the right tools to make succeeding in this business not only possible, but easy. Frequently, I can’t find them so I have to create them myself. I currently have some spare time (my business is growing, my clients are happy and life is good), so I was thinking of the next “project” I wanted tackle. Well, what I think is important might not be what you think is important. So, I added a Poll to the right sidebar of this blog where you can vote on what is most important to your success in this business. Whichever category wins, will determine my next project. If you don’t see your “most important element”, please leave a comment to this post and let me know what it is.

Also, I am putting some finishing touches on my latest project (so I can see “downtime” on my horizon) so check back soon to see that tool launched. I won’t tell you what it is (I need to get my copyrighting and sales page in place before I make any announcements) but it will change the way you handle prospects on the phone. This tool will make it EASY for anyone (even the absolute newbie) to successfully make appointments, follow up with prospects and close the deal –all on the phone. No more struggling to remember how to reverse objections, handle those confrontational prospects or stammer and stutter through what should be a flawless presentation. I look for that to be launched in mid to late September, but if things go right (they frequently have in my life), it could be as soon as two weeks so bookmark this site and check back frequently. If you are growing your network business and finding that new representatives are struggling with their calls, striking out more often then not, then you need to turn them on to this new tool.


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