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The Nussentials team of wealth builders I belong to has just started a new Blog. This will be a gathering place for like-minded individuals either interested in Network Marketing for the first time, or looking to improve their skills, contacts and tool arsenal.

I invite you to check out their Blog and leave your comments. Infiniti Team Blog


Offering breakthrough products in health and nutrition such as Restore with HA, Alert, a time released vitamin packed energy drink, MORE, LESS and RUN — built on stablized rice bran, one of the most nutritious foods on the planet and so much more.

They are also a network marketing company offering two types of strong compensation plans. Most MLM companies either address the front end monies (recruitment), or the backend residual income (product commissions). Nussentials has VERY strong emphasis on both sides of the business. And, as a 3×8 forced matrix, we are also structured to help each other with “spillover”. Nussentials also gives 5% of all revenues to help “Feed The Kids”, through a charitable organization called Children Incorporated (CI). CI has a lot of programs but Nussentials has directed all their money to be spent right here in the U.S. And notice I said “5% of Revenues”, not 5% of profits. Some companies “talk” about giving something back, Nussentials backs it up. And CI is an organization that boasts an amazing 80% directed funds structure. That means that only 20% of the monies collected go towards “administration, advertising and distribution”. Very few charitable organization can claim so high a percentage (most of exactly opposite with 80% to admin and only 20% to actually “feed the kids”).


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