Recovering From “Blog Withdrawal”

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Whew… this weekend was rough.

My hosting company decided to move their data center from Kentucky to Ohio (don’t ask me why) and started giving me warning a few weeks ago. I thought I had prepared myself for the move. I was wrong.

I have at least 5 different blogs on various topics and was “psyching” myself up for the lack of any blog for a whole weekend. I was pretty sure I had it licked. I planned activities unrelated to blogging. I setup tasks for myself to keep busy. I even made an old fashioned “To-Do” list on paper with a real live pen.

None of it helped.

Withdrawal started about 30 minutes after my hosting company went offline. And naturally, all these ideas for posts were bouncing around my head like so many sugar fairies on crack. I couldn’t write fast enough. Unlike many bloggers I know, I don’t draft my topics or pre-write my posts. I just open the “Write” window and start writing. I did make notes and even put them into a real nice format and filed them on my hard drive. I will probably never see them again.

So, I am back online (finally), after the longest 48 hours in my recent memory. Second only to labor for making a minute seem like an hour, being without a blog ranks real high on my “Don’t Want To Ever Do It Again” list.


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