MLM – Behind The CurtainIs that a wizard I see?

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Welcome to the first installment of my new MLM Behind The Curtain blog. Here I will offer never before discussed “behind-the-scenes” methods the “top-guns” use to build their incredible success. It’s not like they lied or anything, they just keep the best techniques quiet with no fan-fair.

Have you ever wondered how some new guy comes into the organization, and within a week is the newest top-earner? It’s no secret really, but it does require some long-term thinking. You see, the new guy knows something that isn’t explained easily, or talked about much. The company line when you join is to go to your “warm-market”. Your friends and family. People who you already know, and therefore, already have a certain “trust” established with you. Well, until you join your fourth MLM company that is. And then what happens? Do they screen your calls? Avoid you at family functions? I know mine did.

That’s not what the new guy does. Although it’s still about trust, he doesn’t go to his warm-market as a first step. He knows that you have to build trust and the easiest way to do that is to position yourself as an Authority. So, he goes to the people he has networked with (already) and shares his vision. You see, he has spent the last four years “networking” with the right people. Cultivating contacts. Listening. And Learning.

Now, what does this mean to you, the newest addition to your companies “downline”? Well, it means you might have to play a little catch up, but I can provide you some tips to make this process take less time and be almost painless. But the very first thing you need to do, for you, is to learn everything you can about this business. What works, what doesn’t, why you are doing this and what will it take to keep you going. You see, there is something else the new guy knows that you don’t. It’s NOT about the company, the products or the compensation plan (although a bad company, terrible products and a compensation plan that isn’t worth beans doesn’t help). It’s ALL about you. Can you relate to people, can you establish trust. Can you build a relationship? See, people will join your downline for any number of reasons, but they ALL start with how that person views you. Will you help them? Will you take them by the hand or are they just a number to you? Want to know why so many people fail at what should be one of the greatest opportunities on the planet? They forget they are selling themselves and they don’t treat the opportunity as a business. The new guy knows it. In fact, he depends on it.

It’s not a wizard behind the curtain, it’s just a man. Granted, it’s a man (or woman) that knows how to network, how to meet new people, how to brand himself. Can you duplicate that? Hell yes. Stay with me and I will show you how.

Why? Because helping you succeed, whether you are in my organization or not, makes me feel good. And that’s why I am in MLM. To feel good. Well, and to make money, but that is secondary. Doing what makes me feel good, in this case, also helps me make money. I work from home and make good money, so I have a little spare time. I can afford to give a little back.


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