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If you have spent any time within the Network Marketing world, you know the value of that statement. For those of you just starting out, let me let you in on a little secret… it PAYS you big dividends to spend the time TEACHING your downline to duplicate your success.

In fact, if you do nothing else, you will still come out ahead. Why? Because ensuring the success of your downline guarantees the success of your business. You see, a lot of the “heavy-hitters” will tell you to “recruit, recruit, recruit” but getting people signed up under you is only a small (tiny) part of your success. Let’s say you recruit 30 people but don’t teach them how to duplicate your success. What happens?

You have 29 spots filled that aren’t doing anything! I say 29 because chances are you will get a business-builder in there somewhere. Someone who knows this opportunity can yield great results, and knows that success depends on them, and their downline.

Now, what if you only sponsor 7, but you take the time and trouble to teach them how to be successful and how to teach their downline the same lessons? What happens then? You guessed it. Success! I would rather have 7 people that are interested in being successful, than 30 newly sponsored people who expect their upline to do all the work, or just don’t get how to approach the business side of the opportunity.

And here’s a fact for you… every single MLM or Network Marketing company that was NOT people and relationship driven, no matter how good its products or services, no matter how well managed, has either gone broke or struggled to keep its head above water. And every relationship-drive business that taught mentoring and duplicating success, no matter how inferior its products or services and no matter how poorly managed, was successful almost without fail.

(Companies with low quality products or services WILL ultimately fail. But MLM companies or groups with wonderful products and services – but who stress “numbers game, recruit, recruit, recruit” – will never scratch the surface of their potential)

As you learn the business opportunity and what is successful for you, you should be asking yourself this question… “Is this duplicatable? Could I train all my people to do this?” The answer should always be a resounding YES, but if it isn’t, perhaps you need to adjust your approach. Remember, a successful downline guarantees your success. You must teach them what works in a way that they can consistently duplicate.

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