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You hear me ranting and raving about Headspace2 – an SEO plugin that helps Google find you. I have told you stories about how I have gotten posts on the first page of Google in under an hour. And still you don’t believe.

Today, I offer video proof.

I posted to one of my blogs and within 7 minutes, was on the first page of Google. #1 for seven different terms, #2 for another, and #3 for another. Yes, that 10 different terms on the first page of Google in under 10 minutes. Watch this video for proof, and then go get Headpsace2. Install it. Set it up. Trust me on this one… it will help your target audience find you.

After I shot this short video, I did a little more research. Here are the terms that landed on the front page of Google.

#1 Position On Google for:

  • vital chocolate
  • chava vital chocolate
  • chava healthy chocolate
  • healthy chocolate chava
  • healthy vital chocolate
  • chava chocolate healthy

#2 Position On Google for:

  • waiora healthy chocolate

#3 Position On Google for:

  • chava chocolate

Though this was only a proof video, here are some resources you will need to install and setup Headspace2:


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